Active and Healthy Ageing: second CEN-CENELEC STAIR-AHA meeting, 31st January, Brussels

Pubblicato: venerdì, 25 gennaio 2019 in Eventi

The meeting will debate on how the “change of mindsets” that PROGRESSIVE aims to bring about, i.e. the effective inclusion of older people in the standards development process, can be promoted and put into practice in the future, so that standards that underpin ICT products and services address the needs and challenges of older people and so that those products and services can support active and healthy lifestyles.

The focus of the meeting will be primarily on:
- Age-friendly communities as enablers of active and healthy ageing
- Age-friendly smart homes
- Inclusiveness in standardisation, with accessibility and usability as a use case
- Actions to promote user co-production in standardisation and presentation of an official PROGRESSIVE and STAIR-AHA statement and policy guideline for a new approach to AHA standards engaging end users.
See full agenda here